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SAT Test Scores 2023

دورة السات

How Is the SAT Scored?

You receive more than one score on the SAT. The SAT provides a total score in addition to section, test, cross-test, and subscore results. This extensive range of results offers a perception of your success and level of job and college readiness.
On the SAT, you score points for accurately responding to questions. Not a point is subtracted for incorrect responses, so go ahead and provide your best response. There is no benefit to leaving any questions unanswered.

Total Score and Section Scores

The number most frequently connected with the overall score is SAT. The overall score is between 400 and 1600. 

  • The total of this score is in the Evidence-Based Reading and Writing section scores
    (which comprises the Language Tests for Reading, Writing, and Speaking) and the section deals with math. There are 154 questions total on the SAT, not including the essay. 
  • The essay, 96 questions cover language, reading, and writing.
  • The Math Test consists of 58 questions and tests.

Evidence-Based Reading and Writing section scores and Math section scores are published on a scale from 200 to 800. The scores on the Reading, Writing and Language Tests are used equally to calculate the Evidence-Based Reading and Writing section scores. The score on the Math Test is used to calculate the score for the Math portion.

Test Scores

The results of the three mandatory tests—Reading, Writing and Language, and Math—are given on a scale of 10 to 40.

Cross-Test Scores

Selected questions from the Reading, Writing, Language, and Arithmetic Tests that demonstrate the use of reading, writing, language, and math skills in situations related to history/social studies and science are used to calculate the cross-test scores, which are presented on a scale of 10 to 40.

دورة sat
SAT test scores SAT test scores SAT test scores


The scale used to report subscores ranges from 1 to 15. They give you more specific information on your performance in particular arithmetic and reading areas.
Writing and Language report two subscores: Standard English Conventions and Expression of Ideas.
Questions concentrating on topic formulation, structure, and the use of language effectively in rhetoric make up the Expression of Ideas subscore.

Questions form the basis of the Standard English Conventions subscore.
concentrating on grammar, use, and punctuation.
Three subscores are reported on the math test: Heart of Algebra, Problem
Solving, data analysis, and Advanced Math Passport.
Systems of linear equations, which are the main topics in Heart of Algebra,
functions and equations. Data analysis and problem solving emphasizes quantitative methods.
problem-solving, analysis, and interpretation of data
problems in a variety of rich scenarios.

The subjects covered in Passport to Advanced Math are crucial for
advancing to more complex maths, like realizing the reasoning with more complex equations, expression structure, and constructing and interpreting processes.
Words in Context and Command of English are the final two subscores.
Questions from the Reading and the Exam serve as the foundation for the Language and writing tests. Questions on words in context examine the meanings of words and phrases in
both rhetorical word choice and context.

You are required to evaluate and apply the evidence in a variety of passages and informational graphics, including graphs, tables, and charts, for questions in the Command of Evidence category.

Essay Scores

The results of the optional SAT Essay are presented separately and are not added to any other results. The essay receives three scores, one for each of the following three criteria:
How well you interpret the passage that is contained in the reading
Your ability to examine the passage and demonstrate how the author of the piece develops an argument in order to persuade an audience will be graded.
Writing: How well-crafted your comment is.
Each response is read by two raters, who then give each of the three dimensions a score between 1 and 4. The total results of the two raters result in Reading, Analysis, and Writing scores, each of which ranges from 2 to 8.

The SAT Score Report

Your free College Board account will allow you to access all of your scores online. You will use the same account to sign up for the SAT. Visit sat.org to learn more.

For each of the scores mentioned above, the SAT Scoring Report contains a score range. This range shows the likely range of your scores if you took the test numerous times quickly (for example, on three consecutive days). You would notice some different figures if you did it, but not by much.

Score Range

The SAT Score Report includes a score range for each of the scores described above. This range indicates where your scores would likely fall if you took the test several times within a short period of time (for instance, on three consecutive days). If you were to do that, you would see numbers that differ, but not by much.

SAT test scores
sat test scores sat test scores sat test scores sat test scores sat test scores sat test scores sat test scores


The percentile rank for each score and subscore is included in your SAT Score Report. Scores in a certain group can be compared using percentile ranks. Two separate percentile ranks are published for the SAT, comparing student results to two different reference populations.

Research study samples of American students in grades 11 and 12 are used to create nationally representative sample percentiles, which are weighted to represent all American students in those grades, regardless of whether they generally take the SAT. 

User group percentiles are determined by how recently graduated high school students performed on the SAT. In the 75th percentile, for instance, 75% of the comparison group had scores that were equal to or lower than yours.

Online Score Report

The SAT Online Score Report explains your scores in detail by giving you a breakdown of how you performed on each section, including how many questions you answered correctly, incorrectly, or not at all. The tool displays your scores by subject and question difficulty, giving you insight into your strengths and weaknesses. Additionally, the web report offers the following details:

  • Percentiles to assist you in comparing your results to those of
    other pupils
  • A job and college major search engine with recommendations
    based on the data you include in your profile
  • If you completed the Essay, please submit a scanned copy of your answer along with the prompt
SAT test scores
sat test scores sat test scores sat test scores sat test scores sat test scores sat test scores sat test scores sat test scores sat test scores sat test scores sat test scores sat test scores sat test scores

Reviewing your response to the Essay provides you an opportunity to a chance to reevaluate how well you comprehended the passage, the your analysis’s potency and your writing’s excellence. You may.
Think about if your arguments were convincing and how well you backed them up.
for the quality of your arguments and the way you organized your reply.

Additional SAT Services

You can select reports and services that can be useful in a variety of ways when you register for the SAT. There are various alternatives for getting thorough feedback depending on the date you test on. Look through the different categories of information that the aforementioned reports and services offer.

Sending Scores When You Register

You can send your SAT scores for free to up to four universities if you register. Nine days after taking the test, you can find these institutions. Utilize all four score reports, whether you send them to scholarship websites or institutions. Early in the college application process, sending your test results to universities is an excellent method to demonstrate your interest.

Using your online account, you can pay a charge to order more score reports. (Students who qualify for fee exemptions are able to send additional score reports at no cost.)

دورة السات

Score Choice 

You can use the Score Choice program if you take the SAT more than once. According to each institution’s specific score use policies, Score Choice enables you to choose which test results—and by test date—to send to the colleges or scholarship programs of your choice. Observe that this service is not required. If Score Choice is not chosen while placing an order score reports, and the colleges receiving your results will receive all of your scores. When reviewing your application, most colleges will only take into account your top test scores, however this varies by institution. Use Score Choice if you just want the results of your best tests to be displayed.

There are individual deadlines and criteria regarding how scores are used at each institution or program. Make sure you are adhering to the rules by checking with the specific college or scholarship program.

You cannot choose the results from one test date for one section and the results from another test date for another section.

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