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The English Language Course that will bring you closer to achieving your academic and career goals. Istanbul, Turkey. 

Apostrophe's English language course is your gateway to learn the language that has become an important part of our life as it helps us in conducting many of our daily affairs. It is the primary language for communication in countries worldwide. Apostrophe's English language course is significant to us as it widens our thinking by giving us access to much more knowledge than we had. It also opens several doors to opportunities around in our globalized world. English is widely preferred in the writing of books, magazines and articles. Great authors have written in the English language because English allowed them to reach far and wide.

Oxford™ English File

Our English language course uses the best resources for learning the language. English File conveys fruitful and pleasant exercises that get students to converse in and outside the class. It gives you practical skills with a specific focus on pronunciation and speaking. English File incorporates pronunciation into each lesson. The English File Sounds Chart connects images to phonetic letters so students find it simpler to recall the sounds and, eventually, improve with each lesson.

English Language Course

Various Learning Methods

Our English language course teachers are trained to apply effective and up-to-date techniques getting a student from A-Z in no time . In our English Language Course Our teachers utilize the Direct method which trains students to think and comprehend in the English language. Our focus on the Audio-Lingual approach effectively trains students to listen, repeat and use phrases used commonly in the English language.

Conversation Centric

We understand the importance of conversation. Language’s primary objective is to equip its learner with the capacity of communication. Our English course includes dedicated conversation sessions whereby learners can practice what they have learnt in practical every-day scenarios. Conversation equips learners with the confidence and self-assurance of native English language speakers.

English Language Course

fall in love with english at apostrophe's English Language Course

دورات اللغة الانجليزية

Quality Learning

Apostrophe English Language Course values quality in teaching and more so in learning. Especially when it comes to learning a language, learning cannot be overlooked. Apostrophe Educational Center is unlike most language learning centers. Our objectives dictate that you receive the best of the best learning experience. Our values dictate that you see excellence in everything we do.

دورات اللغة الانجليزية

Effective Learning Methods

Apostrophe language school has worked tirelessly in delicately crafting its syllabus so that you not only learn, but retain the English language. Our modern syllabus incorporates audial-visual modules that train the language learning faculties of the mind. Our specialized speaking and conversational classes train our students in the practical applications of speaking the English language. Our goal is your goal! We aim to effectively train you so that you can grab the opportunities that come with learning the English language.

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Educational Environment

Apostrophe Educational Center understands the importance of a learning-conducive environment. Our English Language Course are conducted in classrooms are fitted with state-of-the-art learning tools and equipment. Every classroom at our center is equipped with a personal computer, high-luminance projectors and high-resolution audio speakers. We aim to maximize your learning experience by providing you the environment to unlock your true learning language capabilities.

دورات اللغة الانجليزية

Experienced Teachers

Apostrophe's English Language Course is made of meticulously but also delicately chosen esteemed team of teachers. We aim high for our learners and students. Learning the English language requires the right guidance and supervision. Our English language teachers have worked with students from various backgrounds and cultures, taking them from beginner to advanced. Our experienced teachers are dedicated in your pursuit to speak English like a native.

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Educational Technology

Apostrophe Educational Center utilizes educational technology to enhance our students' learning experience. Traditional teaching methods simply do not fulfill the potential we can achieve with educational technology. Apostrophe Educational Center leverages technological resources such as online learning platforms and multimedia in order to bring forth the true value in modern learning.

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United Community

Apostrophe Educational Center builds long-lasting connections. United we stand, divided we fall. Apostrophe Educational Center is not simply a language learning center with an English Language Course, but it is a team, a people, a culture! We are always keen on offering more than just quality education. Our mission echoes strong ties and life-long friendships and we welcome you to be a part of that mission.


Most frequent questions and answers

Learning any language can be easy if the correct approach is taken and the right guidance is given. Our teachers have taught English-seeking students from diverse backgrounds and cultures. We are confident in our ability of getting our students from a beginner to an advanced because we have done it, time and time again. Learning the English language has its challenges but with the right approach, it becomes a walk in the park.

The best approach to determining a student’s level in English is through placement tests and assessments. We offer free English placement tests for all our students in order to accurately identify their best suited level to start with. Our teachers also directly access our students’ level to continuously monitor their level of English across different facades of the language, from comprehension and writing to speaking and listening, be rest assured that you will be placed in the right level of English.

Our students start speaking in English after just one month of consistent learning. We put a very special focus on using audio and visual methods of teaching that have proven to be extremely useful in getting students to speak in the shortest time possible. In addition to this, our conversation classes provide students with a platform of practicing what they have learnt so that they are able to speak with confidence and poise.

Yes, we do. Apostrophe Educational Center offers certificates of achievement or/and completion for each stage you complete in our English language courses. The certificates we offer may only be valid in specific schools, universities or centers. However, for students requiring a special certificate, we recommend that you opt for our standardized testing registration service. Our standardized tests registration service gets you a seat for TOEFL, IELTS or the standardized test of your choice.

At Apostrophe Educational center, you have the opportunity of practicing what you have learnt in our weekly conversation classes. Our conversation classes are designed to provide for you a platform where you can practice your English language. Our trained teachers will guide you through, so that you reach a point of confidence in speaking the English language without hesitation.

Yes, you can. Apostrophe Educational Center approaches teaching the English language in a pragmatic and practical manner. Our students have drastically maximized their academic and career opportunities by learning with us. In learning with us, you will be able to use the English language at work, at school, at home, or at any place you desire.

English language course

“If you talk to a man in a language he understands, that goes to his head. If you talk to him in his own language, that goes to his heart.” – Nelson Mandela