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Apostrophe Educational Center

Short'n Your Path to Success

Apostrophe Educational Center caters to excellence through education-centered initiatives and services. Apostrophe is a language school that is dedicated to shaping the education landscape by focusing on true learning and quality of service.
Founded in 2019, Apostrophe has come a long way in offering general English courses and SAT courses.
Apostrophe is now among the leading educational institutions in Istanbul, Turkey.

We aspire to become an international hub in providing world-class tuition center for our students.

Experienced Teachers, Rich curriculum &
Supportive Learning Environment


Redefining market leadership in outstanding quality transformational educational services through language school with scalable impacts both locally and globally.


A language school that enriches and enlights the community, Empowers individuals to provide value through education & Creates opportunities for growth and learning.

Apostrophe Educational center services

As a language school, we provide a wide range of resources to support students in becoming more effective members of society. Anything from setting high expectations to educating our students to achieve excellence. As part of our unique approach, we focus on reviewing how our students are performing and we assist them in improving their performance for the future. Our English courses and SAT courses are tailored to allow our students to achieve their goals.

A language school like no other.


preparatory course




Preparatory course


preparatory course

Our students say

"Before getting to know Apostrophe Educational Center, I had many attempts to learn the language. But unfortunately, all of them ended in disappointment. Apostrophe is both fun and we teach lessons without any effort. I noticed that I used English sentences in my mind all day long after the lessons because it was paid attention to speak only English."
Belkıs Tuba at Apostrophe Educational Center
Belkıs Tuba
"If you want to learn English, be sure to enroll in this language school. I am very pleased with the English course. Interest relevance is very good. The lessons are both educational and fun. I highly recommend it."
opinion of NURDENIZ ÖZTÜRKon the quality of Apostrophe Educational Center
Nurdeniz Öztürk
"An absolutely beautiful Educational Center. It is a friendly and warm environment for international friendships. There is always tea, coffee and lots of talk. An educational institution for English courses that you will not regret."
educational center
Işık Hoca
"All I can say is that they are bringing me close to achieving my goal through the SAT courses and English courses provided at the language school .And the teachers there are amazing"
opinion of REMI ALSWIDANon the quality of Apostrophe Educational Center
Remi Alswidan