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New SAT: What changed in 2023?

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The SAT Exam Overview

The SAT is divided into two categories: SAT 1 and SAT 2. A general exam that evaluates students’ verbal, writing, and arithmetic skills is the SAT 1. The subject-specific SAT 2 is appropriate for students who want to show their mastery of a particular subject. Typically, SAT 1 scores are enough to enroll in college courses.

By October 2022, the SAT will still be administered on paper. However, as a result of the switch to test-optional college admissions, fewer students took the SAT than in previous years. SAT will completely transition to digital beginning in 2023 in order to address this issue and remain current with post-covid norms. The exam is entirely digital, and the time limit has been lowered to two hours.

Although the exact dates on which this new structure will take effect have not yet been announced, experts claim that pupils would benefit from this new development.

SAT format 2022

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Old SAT vs. New SAT

Let’s go over the SAT’s present format before delving further into the new one.
SAT currently lasts three hours and is broken up into the sections you see below. Along with the SAT subject examinations, the College Board has eliminated the optional SAT essay and the penalty deductions for incorrect responses.

What has been modified? 2023’s new SAT format

Every few years, the SAT updates its format, but according to sources, this is the biggest update to date. Here are the changes coming with SAT 2023!

SAT Will Be Digital

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New SAT will be digital

Because the practice of students filling in bubbles during exams is becoming dated, the SAT will henceforth be entirely digital. The digital exam is a significant improvement that is intended to improve testing security and convenience for test-takers.

Students have the option of taking the exam on either their own laptop or tablet or one provided by the institution. Before the test day, the pupils must download a digital testing app. Even in the event that a student’s computer malfunctions or they lose internet access, this testing tool ought to maintain their progress.

From 2023 spring, international students will be able to take the SAT online under the provision of the assigned proctors at schools or testing centres. 

The timeline for the SAT format is as follows:

  1. March 2023: International test centres will start administering digital SAT.
  2. Fall 2023 (October 2023): All the test centres will administer the digital PSAT worldwide.
  3. Spring 2024: US test centres will start administering the digital SAT.

A New, Shorter SAT Exam

The SAT Exam will last two hours rather than three. There will only be two portions now—a reading and writing section and a math section—instead of four. The reading portion of the SAT will consist of shorter sections, and students are required to respond to one question per passage. Additionally, the arithmetic questions will be “less wordy.”

These adjustments make sure that pupils don’t just accept information as fact; they remain informed and establish their own judgments. Additionally, test-takers will have additional time to answer the questions.

SAT test scores
How do you get a score of 1500 NEW SAT

Scores delivered more quickly

Instead of taking weeks, the SAT results will be made public days following the test. Candidates will be able to apply to universities more quickly because they won’t have to wait weeks or months to get the SAT exam result report.

Use of Calculators All through the Math Section

Both calculator and non-calculator math are covered in sections of the SAT 2022. The most recent SAT 2023 format, however, permits students to utilize calculators during the entire arithmetic section. For students who don’t have their own calculators, the digital testing app includes a graphic calculator. This removes the obstacle for students and educational institutions with little resources.

Through the digital version of the testing software, SAT also intends to provide a number of features, including as a timer, a cheat sheet, and a flagging tool to indicate which questions still need to be reviewed.

Each test will be different.

To prevent cheating and problems with test security, the College Board can administer a unique test to each student thanks to the digital format. An introductory module will be the first part of every segment. The difficulty of every subsequent question the student sees will then be determined by how well they did on the initial round of questions.

Students can link to several job alternatives, courses, and training programs because of the test’s adaptive nature. Exam scheduling will be more flexible for schools, states, and districts. To keep the SAT exam’s validity, there are already rigorous guidelines on when and how it will be given.

دورة السات

The New SAT Format 2023’s Advantages

For students, the new SAT structure is certainly good news. This is why:

  • Benefits of going digital: Candidates for admission to elite universities will have a more beneficial experience with the SAT exam thanks to streamlined testing and a digital interface.
  • Time management: Test-takers can be more effective with a reduced time limit. The clock and tickers on the screens, which tally down the remaining time until the test’s conclusion and give a 5-minute warning, aid with time management.
  • International students may take the SAT up to seven times per year.
  • Shorter sections and more time will be allowed for each question, and the questions will be more concise. This indicates that you will have enough time to consider each issue.
  • Each person’s correct answers in the first stage of a SAT section will further influence the level of difficulty for the questions that the candidates will encounter in the following section. You will be able to demonstrate your individual potential and job readiness with this trait. Your chances of standing out are also increased by this aspect.
  • new equipment The new SAT format will have an on-screen clock and calculator, easy question switching, and clear math formulas.

Things that haven’t changed

The following are the elements or components of the current SAT format that have not changed:

  • The new test will be given in a testing facility or at a school rather than at home.
  • Out of 1600, the SAT scores will be determined. Math and Reading & Writing sections will each receive a score out of 800.
  • The new SAT’s results will continue to be held in the same esteem as the ACT and the current paper-based test.
  • There will be multiple-choice questions in both parts. The exam’s subject matter and question formats won’t change.
  • On test day, accommodations will still be offered for authorized students with special requirements, such as those related to their health or learning styles.
دورة السات

Advice on how to get ready for the new digital SAT in 2023

The SAT is available in both pen-and-paper and digital formats. Both variants demand a lot of effort and practice on your part. Additionally, improving your chances of getting a better grade by using the following advice.
  1. Start reading editorials, news articles, and the most recent geopolitical and environmental happenings. Get well-versed in both science and humanities subjects.
  2. The two most important things are to write every day and work on your vocabulary and grammar.
    Work out math problems as practice. Focus on geometry and trigonometry while also memorizing formulas and shortcuts.
  3. Take a lot of practice exams on the computer if you are not used to taking computerized assessments.
  4. When taking a mock test, set a timer and manage your time properly.
    Put more effort into the areas where you are lacking by keeping an eye out for them.

The new SAT digitized format is more relevant and simpler to administer. 80% of the candidates reportedly found the new format to be less stressful, according to the College Board. It is believed that the new structure will encourage more applicants to take the SAT.

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