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Apostrophe, a SAT Academy, language school, and university admission agency, is where where teamwork, diversity, and success collide! We are passionate about empowering students through education and collaboration. With a vibrant and a talented  team encompassing diverse perspectives, we create an inclusive and supportive learning  environment that celebrates uniqueness. It’s always an exhilarating journey, together, realizing goals and turning dreams into triumphs!

Introduction to the SAT Exam

The exam SAT is considered as an entrance exam utilized by the most of universities in order to  finalize the admission selections . College board  is the organization who created this test which is a multiple choice format and it’s conducted using a paper and a pencil .

The main objective of this test is evaluate and asses the preparedness of students who are enrolled in high school and provide colleges a shared metric to compare and evaluate all candidates. 

  1. Understanding SAT format and the content 
The Sat's content  : 
Basically, exam SAT includes different sections like the reading, the writing and language, math (calculator and no calculator ),However, our platform aids  students through their preparation to that exam and gives them  the best guidance and assistance in order to get a high score in that exam.
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Structure of the SAT :
knowing and understanding the structure of this exam is so important for the students for an optimal performance , our main goal is to make sure that our students approach the test with a clear understanding of the exam's policies and be able to manage their times wisely.
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Section Balance: 
In order to achieve a successful score , Balancing the performances across different parts is so crucial , that's why our platform provides strategies and the guidance for optimizing the performances in all areas .
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Introduction to the SAT exam

Reading section :   in this part we will delve into different parts of reading passages that student can face from natural science to social science and literature and history , our platform will teach you the skills needed to be able to analyze these passages effectively by offering hacks and many tips to have a better score 

Writing and language section :  in this section we will explore the grammar and punctuation concepts , and our platforms will provide a different courses and strategies directed by a professional team  so can students approve their skills   .

Math section: for this part , it covers Calculator and no calculator, Our platform provides courses that includes:  Algebra, geometry, data analyses and more for our students and those concepts are crucial in order to succeed the SAT exam. 

Essay section:  in this section , we guide students and gave them the best practice about the skills required and become familiar with writing any type of essays .


The SAT acts on a scale between 400 to 1600 , besides this score , the students will receive detailed sub score report for each  part of the test which includes:  Math , reading and writing language , those sub scores provide you a detailed information about student’s performances and adding a valuable insights into your test taking abilities . However , it is important to mention that the essay part doesn’t contribute to the overall score its results are reported separately and doesn’t affect the scoring scale .

for more details you can find detailed information about exam SAT  on the official website for the exam SAT: https://satsuite.collegeboard.org/sat/scores/understanding-scores/how-scores-are-calculated

How can i prepare for the test

Our platform is created in order to give a comprehensive assistance and the guidance to the students who are struggling with the preparation of the SAT exam with  different  resources. Our main goal is to aid and encourage students in their SAT journey.