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How difficult is SAT for Arab students?

SAT for Arab

Is the SAT simple? Brief Summary

SAT for Arab: Although the SAT has a reputation for being intimidating, it is actually not as challenging as first-time test takers may think. The SAT can appear to be a difficult challenge due to a few issues, but those can be overcome.

Is the SAT easy? is answered in the thorough tutorial below. It provides some elements that affect test-takers perceptions as well as some advice that Arab students can use to lessen their anxiety on test day and ultimately improve their test results.

What may increase SAT difficulty?

There are many things that could make taking the SAT a little more difficult for Arab students. The top three factors are shown below:

1. Time pressure
Candidates are given a set amount of time to complete the exam. This means that even if students are aware of all the solutions, the pressure of the deadline may cause them to err. For instance, candidates are given roughly 48 and 75 seconds respectively for each question in the reading and writing sections.

2. Dealing with New Concepts

The majority of the SAT exam’s questions come from subjects that students have already studied in high school classes. However, the SAT exam occasionally includes questions that go beyond what is taught in high school. Usually, math topics cause this.

In addition to learning new concepts, students often struggle with the notions losing their memory over time. Therefore, it is advised that all students review all of the math ideas in the Calculator and No Calculator part.

دورة السات
SAT for Arab SAT for Arab SAT for Arab SAT for Arab SAT for Arab SAT for Arab

3. Passage Reading Slowly
Typically, passages from works that have been published in journals or books are included in the SAT’s passage part. A historical source text is used for at least one passage. This indicates that the piece is written in a sophisticated style and may be challenging to read and understand.

Such portions’ terminology may be too advanced for students who are not voracious readers. To avoid reading slowly during the exam, students could practice reading previous passages.

Why is the SAT a simple test?

The SAT is far simpler than tests like the IIT JEE or the NEET. The following are some elements that make the SAT easier than the majority of high school exams:

1. There is no need to memorize
Several tests given in Arab countries are notorious for requiring students to memorize numerous things. Contrarily, the SAT is a test that doesn’t demand that pupils memorize any material. The majority of formulas are discussed in the math sections, while grammar and comprehension are also important components of the reading and writing sections.

2. Questions with Several Choices
Students must use their heads more on the SAT than their hands. There are no free-response questions in the exam’s main section. All of the questions are multiple-choice, with the exception of a few grid-in inquiries. In other words, the pupils can see the solutions to the questions right in front of them.

3. Consistent Pattern
The SAT exam’s four sections—Reading, Writing & Language, Maths No-Calculator, and Maths Calculator—are always placed in that same order. Students benefit from this predictable pattern while they study for exams.

SAT test scores
SAT for Arab SAT for Arab SAT for Arab SAT for Arab SAT for Arab

Tips for SAT Test Preparation

Here are a few pointers that can assist pupils in getting better grades:

Reduce the time crunch
The secret to easing the time crunch is to create tactics that will increase productivity. For instance, pupils can use the extra time in other parts if they can read passages more quickly.

Algebra, trigonometry, and all other math courses come with time restrictions for the students. The No Calculator segment gives students 25 minutes to complete 20 questions, and the Calculator section gives them 55 minutes to complete 38 questions. If a problem is taking too long to solve, it is wise to move on to the next one.

Discover How to Get Rid of
Knowing the right answers to every SAT question is extremely rare. Students frequently run out of time before they can finish the problem they are stuck on. The elimination procedure is useful in these circumstances.

Students can mark out answers that don’t make sense or aren’t supported by the passage by critically examining all the possibilities. Therefore, even if a student does not know how to finish with the right answer, they can still achieve good results by learning how to eliminate the incorrect responses.

Take practice tests
The fact that students have never seen or practiced the test is the main cause of their confusion upon taking it. Even if they have acquired the principles in high school, they appear unfamiliar to kids who are unprepared.

Taking a lot of practice examinations is the only method to lessen this overwhelm. Students that take authentic SAT practice exams discover that they are very capable of discovering the solutions to the questions. Additionally, kids become more effective in the reading and writing sections.

دورة السات
SAT for Arab SAT for Arab SAT for Arab SAT for Arab SAT for Arab SAT for Arab

Examining and Correcting Errors
Taking practice SATs serves merely to become familiar with the format and identify common faults. Students who review the outcomes of their practice examinations, identify repeating errors, and then work to correct those errors are more likely to perform better than those who do not.


  • For Arab students who have done exam preparation well in advance, the SAT is simple.
  • The test may be more challenging for some students due to factors including time constraints, new concepts, and slow passage reading.
  • The SAT is simpler than some other tests because of predictable patterns, the lack of memorizing requirements, and multiple-choice questions.
  • An effective way to improve your SAT results is to review and fix errors when taking practice exams.




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