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Get ready for the SAT Subject Tests 2023

Get ready for the SAT Subject Tests 2023

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Questions cover subjects that are heavily stressed in most high school curricula. Most students will discover there are some questions on subjects they are unfamiliar with due to course variances. You might not be able to finish everything.
To achieve a good score or even the highest score on the test, it is not required to correctly answer all of the questions within the allotted time.

Skills Covered

  • Understanding the denotations and connotations of words in context 
  • Understanding the themes and meanings of a text Know how to identify a text’s genre, evolution, and organization
  • Analyzes elements of narration, such as narrative voice, tone, and point of view. 
  • Respond to a writer’s use of language, including diction, imagery, and figurative language. 
  • Examine the speaker, audience, context, and aim of poetry. Recognize characterization in dramatic and literary works

Recommended Preparation

There isn’t a recommended reading list for the Literature Subject Test. Our advice is:

  • Close reading and analysis of English and American works of literature from various eras and genres
  • reading full books and plays, not just snippets of knowledge of basic literary concepts including speaker, tone, picture, irony, alliteration, and stanza 3 or more years of college-level literary studies are required.
  • reading poetry, prose, and drama critically and independently
SAT Subject Tests
SAT Subject Tests SAT Subject Tests SAT Subject Tests


On the Literature Subject Test, there are sets of questions about different readings. The instructions that come next line up with those on the test. The test consists of only multiple-choice questions.
Choose the BEST answer out of the 5 options for each question. 

The date displayed at the end of each paragraph or poem in these sample materials and on the real test is either the date of initial publication or, in certain circumstances, the approximate date of authorship.

SAT Subject Tests


This exam comprises of literary work excerpts and questions about its form, topic, and style. Fill in the appropriate bubble on the answer sheet after reading each paragraph or poem, selecting the best response.
Keep in mind that questions with the terms NOT, LEAST, or EXCEPT in their prerequisites should be given special attention.

Additional Information About Testing

Makeup Evaluation
Test centers could be closed due to inclement weather, natural disasters, power outages, or other exceptional circumstances.
Before you arrive at the test center on Friday evening and Saturday morning, check sat.org/test-center-closings for test center closings. As it becomes available, information about cosmetics testing is posted. If a makeup date has been determined, it is specified.

The ensuing guidelines are applicable to makeup testing: The College Board has the exclusive power to decide whether makeup testing is offered and under what circumstances test-takers are qualified to take a makeup exam. Only the exams for which you originally registered may be taken. If the test coordinator agrees, you might be able to change your SAT Essay option only during check-in. A makeup test is not open to waitlist registrants. Only for religious purposes and not for makeup testing, Sunday testing is available. Scores from makeup administrations may not be available for a few weeks.
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SAT subject tests SAT subject tests SAT subject tests SAT subject tests

How to Check Your Scores
By printing and completing a Seek for SAT Score Verification form, available at sat.org/verify-scores, you can request a thorough multiple-choice hand score verification up to five months following the test date. Before requesting this service, carefully read the information on the form. For this service, there is a charge. The score verification charge will be less if you paid for your SAT Subject Test registration using a fee waiver.

دورة السات