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The Best SAT Course in Turkey

SAT prep with Apostrophe Educational Center is the most efficient way to increase your score. Learn to improve your performance on all the sections of the SAT and become a more accomplished student in no time.

The Apostrophe Educational Center was founded in 2019 by a team of highly credentialed and experienced tutors who have worked tirelessly to create an effective SAT prep program. We provide our students with the most innovative learning techniques that focus on developing key skills such as test-taking strategies, learning how to manage time efficiently, and developing confidence in their abilities to succeed.

the Best SAT course

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Our SAT prep course is designed to help students excel on all parts of the standardized test. The course uses innovative, data-driven study techniques and innovative testing strategies to target your weaknesses, so that you can gain a significant advantage over the competition.

Here at Apostrophe Educational Center, we are proud to announce that all of our teachers are highly experienced, credentialed, and certified by the state. Our goal is to provide students with engaging classrooms and exceptional SAT prep.

The most effective SAT prep program to boost your confidence and get the highest scores. Our experienced and professional teachers will work with you one-on-one to ensure that you have the best SAT course and prep program possible. We will identify your strengths and weaknesses, as well as any areas where you need more practice. At Apostrophe Educational Center, we believe in teaching students how to think critically and creatively so that they can excel on both parts of the test. This allows them to achieve their highest scores possible without sacrificing time for other important activities such as homework or extracurriculars.


Our tutors are experienced,
proven teachers and they will help you to succeed on the exam!


We provide comprehensive SAT tutoring, which includes: one-on-one instruction, unlimited practice tests, and access to our online resources.

Start your journey to a high school or college degree with the assurance of an expert SAT prep teacher. If you’re planning to study abroad or need help with SAT prep, we can help! 

You can take advantage of our SAT prep courses and learn everything you need to know about the exam. Our tutors are experienced, proven teachers and they will help you succeed on the exam! 

Start your journey to a high school or college degree with the assurance of an expert SAT prep teacher.

Experience the power of our world-class SAT prep with one of our courses and get ready for the test with the best SAT tutors.

Our SAT program prepares students for the test from scratch. We teach you how to focus and prioritize your time, avoid distractions, and use study techniques proven to work.

Are you tired of having subpar English grades and want your high school diploma to reflect all the hard work you put in? Contact us today to learn how you can achieve your goals faster and more efficiently with a proven method, designed by our professional SAT exam tutors.

Our SAT tutors are highly qualified, and they go through a rigorous application process to ensure that they meet the expectations of all of our students. We also use scientific methods when preparing students for the tests, so they can practice their skills on real SAT questions as often as possible.

SAT preparation is our passion. We are obsessed with making sure that every single one of our students master all of the LSAT Sections. Our objective is to help you score higher on the LSAT and achieve your dream of attending an Ivy League School.

Apostrophe Educational Center SAT prep courses and SAT private tutoring in Istanbul help our students get accepted to universities that offer them strong employment prospects.

SAT students take a mathematics test (SAT Math) and English (SAT Writing and reading). The English section contains the Reading Test consisting of 52 questions to be solved in 65 minutes. The Writing and Language Test section is composed of 44 questions to be solved in a matter of 35 minutes. Thus, our SAT courses cover all parts of the SAT exam.


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