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What do you know about the SAT Writing section?

But first what do you know about SAT Exam?

The SAT is a crucial component of the college admissions process. A high SAT score will still help students get into college, despite the new test-optional policy.Strong exam results can also be used to be accepted into honors programs, receive exceptional opportunities, or earn scholarships. 

One component of the SAT is the SAT Writing & Language section. It accounts for half of the student’s overall SAT score, together with the Reading portion.

Fortunately, students can raise their Writing scores with careful study and practice. A collection of rules known as grammar can be studied and applied. I should know because I scored an 800 on the Writing part of the SAT on my first attempt, therefore I should know!

The SAT is a crucial component of the college admissions process. A high SAT score will still be helpful despite the new test-optional policy. We’ve assisted students in raising their SAT scores by as much as 380 points by using these advice!

In our previous article, we talked about 5 tips for a high score in the SAT test. Let’s continue in our article these easy tips for writing in the SAT test and getting a perfect score.

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Tip 6: Read it out loud

Reading a sentence aloud is a fantastic technique to determine if the grammar is accurate.

When we read aloud, our minds frequently “correct” the sentence for us. Grammatical errors are easier to “hear” when we read it aloud.

Of course, you aren’t allowed to speak while taking the SAT in the actual testing environment on test day. However, physically moving your mouth to mimic softly muttering to yourself is still a very effective strategy!

You won’t feel foolish doing this, so don’t worry. It helped me achieve a flawless 800 on my first attempt, in part.

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When deciding whether to use a comma or not, this trick is extremely helpful. You don’t need a comma there if reading the sentence aloud sounds OK.

(Use this to determine whether you need punctuation or not, not what kind to use. Since both a comma and a semicolon are pauses, it is probably hard to “hear” the difference between them, but it is possible to distinguish between a pause and no pause.)

Tip 7: Avoid switching verb tenses (without a good reason)

There are many verb-related questions on the SAT Writing & Language portion.

One quick guideline is to avoid changing the verb’s tense unless you have a clear, compelling reason to do so.

Most of the time, all you need to do is glance at the neighboring verbs and match the tense.

Here’s an example of how this will look on the real SAT:

دورة السات
sat course _ Requirements for DIGITAL SAT Testing Equipment

There are many verb-related questions on the SAT’s Writing & Language portion.

One quick guideline is to avoid changing the verb’s tense unless you have a clear, compelling reason to do so.

Most of the time, all you need to do is glance at the neighboring verbs and match the tense.

Here’s an illustration of how it would appear on the actual SAT:

Tip 8: Know your transitional vocabulary 

Students who are attempting to recall vocabulary words for the SAT much too frequently spend hours doing so.

This is not something that we advise because it is ineffective for helping you study and raise your score. Words are difficult to remember out of context, and the likelihood that you will use the precise word you memorized on the test is extremely slim.

Transitional words are the sole exception to this rule. These are the terms that indicate the logical connections between sentences. In order to write clearly, transition words are crucial!


دورات السات دورات السات دورات السات

Tip 9: Get rid of duplicate responses

This cunning trick can be used for a variety of Writing & Language section questions.

You can cross off both answers in the multiple choice if you notice two that are almost identical.

This is due to the fact that the SAT will never ask you to pick between two equally valid responses.

Even while the writing portion occasionally seems subjective, it really isn’t. There is only ever one correct response, and if you are familiar with the rules, the response is frequently quite obvious.

I achieved a perfect score of 800 on the Writing exam because I was aware of the grammar rules and knew how to select the most succinct or clear answer. I’ve also helped academics at Harvard and Yale revise their books for publication using the same language and writing guidelines!

You can cross off both options on a transition-word inquiry, for instance, if they both mean the same thing.

Both “in addition” and “also” are correct in this instance because they both mean the same thing, and the SAT will never ask us to choose between them!

The same is true for many grammar inquiries. Both a period and a semicolon in the multiple-choice answer are incorrect because they are grammatically almost identical! (See recommendation #3)

This is an illustration of how answering questions more accurately can be achieved by adopting the perspective of test designers.

SAT scholarships

Tip 10: Practice!

In the end, practicing will help you the most on the Writing & Language section.

Drill specific ideas with focused practice that concentrates on that particular writing or grammar ability. A top-notch SAT teacher can assist you in finding useful drills for this type of preparation or even design personalized practice sentences to ensure that you fully grasp the material.

Through diligent study, our test prep students have seen SAT score increases of up to 200–400 points. Making sure you’re exercising efficiently and not wasting your time on ineffective exercises is the trick.

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دورة السات

 Seek Excellent SAT Tutoring

دورات سات

One of the ways to improve your score in SAT in general, is to seek proffesional assistance from an experienced SAT tutor or from a well-established educational institute. We at Apostrophe Educational Center will help to not only pass the SAT exam, but also to get a high score.

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As an SAT Examinee, you must have knowledge about SAT Exam dates, so you can plan your schedule based on the date you intend to set for the SAT exam. Planning will help in managing time for studying and preparing properly for the SAT Exam. Down below is a link that shows the SAT Exam Dates for the Acadmic year of 2022/2023.