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SAT test in Turkey: Exam For Students' Competency For Admission To Universities

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SAT test in Turkey

SAT test in Turkey. The SAT test helps students to enter Turkish universities, and its purpose is to determine the student’s ability to apply the information he has in solving the problems presented to him in this test

The SAT test, as it is known in Turkey, is an abbreviation for Scholastic Assessment Test

 It means the school assessment test, or we say: it is a test of students’ competency for admission to universities and higher education institutions in the United States of America and around the world. This test determines the readiness of students at the secondary level for admission to university.

There is no doubt that the SAT test is one of the most important exams that a student may pass throughout his academic career, as it is the first step to entering American universities, or any other universities around the world.

What is SAT?

sat course _ Requirements for DIGITAL SAT Testing Equipment
SAT test in Turkey SAT test in Turkey SAT test in Turkey SAT test in Turkey SAT test in Turkey SAT test in Turkey SAT test in Turkey

The SAT test helps students to enter distinguished Turkish universities, when they wish to enroll for bachelor’s and graduate studies, or complete studies in Turkish universities. This test is intended to determine the student’s ability to apply the information he has in solving the problems presented to him in this test.

This test is supervised by the College Board of Education, a non-profit organization based in the United States of America and spread in most countries of the world.

The SAT test is divided into two parts: SAT1, SAT2.

The SAT 1 test is required in Turkish universities, and we will talk about it in detail. The SAT2 test is an advanced test that is required for certain disciplines, and is not required by any Turkish university.

SAT General Exam (SAT 1)

The SAT 1 test consists of 3 main sections:

1. Reading section
The reading section contains a literary text, based on reading mainly, where the student must read long texts, absorb them and answer the questions related to them, the number of questions in this section of the exam is 52 questions, according to the method of automation (multiple choice), and the time period Allocated to him 65 minutes.

2. Writing and Language Department
The Writing and Language section contains a specific table or graphics, and the test aims at the student’s ability to use the information in a particular text to infer certain results, express different ideas in addition to his skills in using the English language through writing, in addition to measuring the extent of his knowledge of the existing meanings and terms. in a specific context.

The questions consist of 44 questions, on the automation method (multiple choice), and their duration is 35 minutes.

3. Mathematics Department
The Mathematics Department contains arithmetic problems related to algebra, geometry and statistics, in addition to data analysis and trigonometry, and it is likely that it will also present some graphs, accompanied by a set of questions on them.

The purpose of this section of the test is to know the student’s ability, explore his algebra skills, and his ability to solve mathematical problems and analyze the data provided to him.

In addition, it is an introductory test for the study of advanced mathematics, and other more complex topics in mathematics, which in turn is divided into two parts as well, namely:

A mathematics exam in which the use of a calculator is allowed, in which the number of questions is 38 questions, spread over 38 minutes, and the student answers by expressing his own opinion on a specific mathematical issue. in a math test.
Mathematics exam in which the use of a calculator is not allowed. The number of questions in this section is 58, in the form of multiple choice, and its duration is 80 minutes.

SAT Exam Sections 2022

Subject Syllabus Pattern
Math - 58 Questions
Problem-Solving, Data Analysis, Algebra, and Advanced math.
Duration: 80 mins Score Range: 200-800
Reading 52 Questions
Sentence Completion, Tests understanding of passages from the US and world Literature, History/Social Studies, and Sciences.
Duration: 65 mins ,Score Range: 200-800 (with addition to Writing)
Writing 44 Questions
expression of ideas and standard English conventions through passages related to Careers, History/Social Studies, Humanities, and Sciences.
Duration: 35 mins ,Score Range: 200-800 (with addition to Reading)
TOTAL 154 Questions
Duration: 3 hrs ,Score Range: 1600

Reading Section

Function / Purpose
8-12 Questions
Vocabulary in Context
6-8 Questions
Command of Evidence
8-10 Questions
5-8 Questions
Charts & Graphs
2-4 Questions
Main Idea
4-6 Questions
Character Analysis
2-4 Questions

Writing Section

6-11 Questions
Expression of Ideas
20-26 Questions
3-8 Questions
Miscellaneous Grammar Topics
0-5 Questions
Charts and Graphs
1-4 Questions

Math Section

TOPICS Number of Questions DESCRIPTION
19 Questions
Solving equations and systems of equations with accuracy and fluency; In order to represent and solve issues, expressions, equations, and inequalities are created; formula revision and interpretation
Problem Solving and Data Analysis
17 Questions
Using ratios, proportions, percentages, and units to create and analyze relationships; describing relationships that are represented visually; and summarizing qualitative and quantitative data.
Advanced Math
16 Questions
Create, analyze, and solve quadratic and higher-order equations with ease. Rewrite expressions utilizing their structure. Intentionally use polynomials to solve issues.
Additional Topics in Math
6 Questions
Context-based area and volume computations, theorem-based investigations of lines, angles, triangles, and circles, and use of trigonometric functions

Turskish Universities That Requires SAT

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