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What are SAT Syllabus?

اختبار السات في الامارات 2023

Topics that students have previously studied in school are covered in the SAT syllabus. As a result, if you do well in school, you shouldn’t have any trouble studying for the SAT Syllabus. 

Types of SAT Exam

There are two types of SAT Exams: SAT General Test and SAT Subject Test.

SAT General Test:

Of the two SAT exams, the SAT General Test is the more popular, and undergraduate colleges typically use it for admissions. The Scholastic Assessment Test evaluates the candidates’ written, verbal, and mathematical abilities.

SAT Subject Test

There are 5 subject areas and 20 SAT Subject Tests in total. These topics are subdivided into smaller topics. The different SAT Subjects involve:

  • Mathematics
  • Science
  • English
  • History and
  • Languages

SAT Exam Sections 2022

The SAT Syllabus includes topics that students already have completed as part of their academic studies. The SAT exam’s syllabus includes:

  • Reading 
  • Writing
  • Mathematics

1. SAT Reading


SAT The evidence-based Reading and Writing section of the SAT includes a reading section. There will be a total of 52 questions in this section, which has a total of 5 passages with 10–11 questions each. Each question offers four possible solutions. The reading comprehension test is intended to gauge a candidate’s understanding of various contexts and the terms used to describe them, as well as their comprehension of written text.

There are three critical reading sections on the SAT.

25 minutes for reading comprehension

25 minutes for finishing a sentence

Critical reading of a paragraph’s length: 20 minutes

The Reading test consists of five passages: one pair of passages that you must read together, and four separate passages. Each passage contains 500–750 words. The quotations come from the following categories of paperwork.

1 section taken from a sociology, social science, psychology, or economics book

2 quotes from physics, chemistry, biology, or earth science academic works

1 literary quote from a piece of fiction

1-2 passages from the US Constitution and the US’s founding

Types of reading test questions

1. How the author employs proof

You must demonstrate an understanding of the author’s use of evidence to support a claim in a few questions. There may be a need to
Find the passage’s supporting details that best prove the previous question’s correctness.

Choose the section of the passage that best illustrates the author’s point.

Establish a link between the passage that is paired with the informational graphic.

2. Words in Context

You must determine the word’s context-specific meaning in order to answer some of the Reading test questions. The emphasis here is on sophisticated vocabulary

3. Science and social studies/history analysis

Science, social studies, and history passages are included in the reading test. You may observe inquiries here that direct you to

  • Analyze data
  • Consider the effects
  • Examine theories

2. SAT Writing


In the multiple-choice Writing test, you read passages and must identify and correct errors. 44 multiple-choice questions and 4 passages make up the 35-minute test. Each passage contains 11 multiple-choice questions and can be 400–450 words long. The purpose of this section is to evaluate the candidate’s knowledge of grammar and vocabulary.

Three sections comprise the SAT writing.
Essay portion: 25 minutes
sections with multiple choices: 25 minutes and 10 minutes
the three Math sections on the SAT.
25 minutes: algebra and functions
20 minutes of geometry statistics
20 minutes: Probability and data analysis

Reading and writing passages are available from

Social Studies/History
Types of writing test questions
The quizzes will have something to do with the passages.

24 questions are included in this expression of ideas.

Typically six questions for each passage, further divided into three categories.

  • Questions about an organization that emphasize the placement of information, ideas, and logical order
  • Development inquiries pertaining to the main concepts, illustrative examples, and numerical data in graphs, charts, and tables
  • When using language effectively, you should think about style and tone, increase precision, and get rid of wordiness.



There are two sections to the SAT Math test: Math Test with Calculator and Math Test without Calculator. Math Test No-Calculator has 20 questions with a 25-minute time limit, while Math Test Calculator has 38 questions with a 55-minute time limit.

the three Math sections on the SAT.
25 minutes: algebra and functions
20 minutes of geometry statistics
20 minutes: Probability and data analysis
The Math Test focuses on various mathematical topics.

  • Focus is placed on linear equations and systems in Heart of Algebra.
  • Quantitative data analysis and problem-solving
  • Passport to progress Math is primarily concerned with manipulating difficult equations.

Trigonometry and geometry are also covered on the math test, and while the majority of the questions are multiple-choice, nearly 22% of them require test-takers to provide a solution. A scale from 200 to 800 is used to grade the math section.



Difference between SAT Mathematics Level 1 and Level 2

Candidates who are undecided between the two should choose the test where they will perform best. Candidates for the SAT 2 Math should be proficient in trigonometry, elementary functions (precalculus), or both. Conversely, candidates for the SAT 1 Math should be highly motivated and familiar with the material covered in level 2. The requirements of the candidates’ preferred university and program must be taken into account.

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As an SAT Examinee, you must have knowledge about SAT Exam dates, so you can plan your schedule based on the date you intend to set for the SAT exam. Planning will help in managing time for studying and preparing properly for the SAT Exam. Down below is a link that shows the SAT Exam Dates for the Acadmic year of 2022/2023.