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SAT Score Reports: Understanding
SAT Scores 2023

**الفرق بين التوفل والسات**

SAT Score reports : Decisions on enrollment and recruitment are influenced by understanding SAT scores. Discover how to use the higher education score reporting online, when results are released, how to compare results, and other information.

Reports on Higher Education Scores

The higher education assessment reporting system accepts electronic reporting of all SAT results. Using the same College Board account you use for other College Board programs, such College Board Search, you can log in to the portal. 

The Download Center offers rolling deliveries of electronic score files. You’ll get them in the comma-delimited or fixed-width format indicated on your annual preferences form.

دورة sat
SAT Score reports SAT Score reports

Schedule for Score Delivery

Colleges get SAT results electronically on a rolling basis.
The days that College Board commonly delivers rush scores are Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays. Non-rush scores purchased separately from registration are mailed once each week, usually on Wednesdays. Scores may be delivered less often or on different days due to scheduling problems.

Score Structure

SAT results can give you a comprehensive understanding of a student’s preparation with the help of your institution’s research staff. Two cross-test scores as well as seven subscores provide comprehensive score data on student performance in several skill and knowledge domains. These scores are included in score summary reports:

  • One total score

  • Two section scores

  • Two cross-test scores

  • Three test scores

  • Seven subscores

SAT score reports
SAT Score reports

Vertical Scaling

The vertical scaling of the SAT Suite of Assessments allows for consistent feedback and allows you to track students’ development over time. The same skills and information are the emphasis of each test in the SAT Suite, but in ways that make sense for students in various grades.

Let’s say a student took the SAT and a PSAT-related test on the same day. They would be predicted to receive the same score on both exams if vertical scaling were used. Understanding what to anticipate from younger kids when they enter college is made simpler by vertical scaling.

Recruitment Strategies

Recruitment tactics for higher education may also be impacted by vertical scaling.
Potential growth should always be considered when reaching out to younger kids. Math, Evidence-Based Reading and Writing, and Writing sections of the SAT typically increase by 20 points each, for a total gain of 40 points, when a student takes the test at least six months after taking a PSAT-related test.

SAT test scores
SAT Score reports SAT Score reports SAT Score reports

Ranges for Cross-Test Scores (Analysis in History/Social Studies, Analysis in Science)

  • SAT: 10–40
  • PSAT/NMSQT and PSAT 10: 8–38
  • PSAT 8/9: 6–36

The tests provide several reading, writing, and language subscores as well as math subscores, all of which range from 1 to 15 points. Subscores offer more specific information regarding student performance.

Questions from both the Reading Test and the Writing and Language Test are used to calculate two subscores:

Words of Command in Context for Evidence

The Writing and Language Test also reports two additional subscores:

  1. Expression of Ideas
  2. Standard English Conventions

The Math Test reports three subscores:

  • Heart of Algebra
  • Problem Solving and Data Analysis
  • Passport to Advanced Math (SAT, PSAT/NMSQT, and PSAT 10 only)

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