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What is SAT ?

What is the SAT?

  • The SAT (Scholastic Aptitude/Assessment Test) is a standardized admissions test used in US Universities. However, it has since been increasingly accepted in higher education institutions worldwide, including several top universities in Europe, such as Bocconi.
  • The SAT measures students’ aptitudes – their ability to apply their reason and logic to real-life situations.
  • To maximize your score, it is essential to approach the different questions that may come up using your capacity to reason.

How is the SAT Structured?


  • Total: 400-1600
  • Evidence-Based Reading and Writing Section: 200–800
  • Math Section: 200–800

Structure & Duration

  • Total: 3 hours
  • Reading Test – 65 minutes, 52 questions
  • Writing and Language Test – 35 minutes, 44 questions
  • Math Test – two sections:
    • No calculator – 25 minutes, 20 questions
    • Calculator permitted – 55 minutes, 38 questions


Apostrophe's SAT Preparation Courses

This 160-hour intensive course will introduce all the possible types of questions you may face on the SAT and prepare you for the test day! 

First, the course entails a detailed introduction to the different sections of the SAT. Then, it explains how to tackle the different types of questions through practice questions guided by a top tutor.

The course is meant to be interactive, so each class will have a maximum of 10 students to facilitate communication and participation. Therefore, asking questions and interacting with your tutor and classmates is strongly encouraged.

Before the course, you will be asked to do a placement test to identify your strongest and weakest points and group you with others who performed similarly so that the tutor can tailor the course to your needs. Finally, you’ll do a final practice test after the course, and you’ll receive a report from us summarising your progress and our recommendations for exam technique and subject knowledge to help guide your further individual studying.

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