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SAT Exam 2022: Dates, Registration, Fees, Eligibility, Syllabus, Preparation, Results & Score

SAT Exam 2022
All You Need to know:
Dates, Registration, Fees & Much More!

The SAT is a standardized exams used in the US universities’ admissions as well as other universities around the globe. Based on fundamental abilities like reading comprehension and analysis, computational skill, linguistic clarity, and problem-solving, it seeks to demonstrate college readiness of the prospective students.

Today we will be talking about SAT Exam 2022: Dates, Registration, Fees, Eligibility, Syllabus, Preparation, Results, Score & more

SAT Exam 2022: Dates

You can check your suitable date as per table below:

SAT Test Date

Registration Deadline

Deadline for Changes, Regular Cancellation,
and Late Registration

Oct 1, 2022

Sept 2, 2022


Sept 20, 2022

Nov 5, 2022**

Oct 7, 2022


Oct 25, 2022

Dec 3, 2022

Nov 3, 2022

Nov 22, 2022

Mar 11, 2023

Feb 10, 2023

Feb 28, 2023

SAT Exam 2022: Registration

Students must register for the SAT if they plan to take the test. The SAT is a crucial test for students who desire to pursue their bachelor’s degree in one of the best study abroad nations, such as the United States or Canada. Students have the option of registering for the SAT exam offline by mail or online, which is the most practical option. To register for the SAT using the online approach, candidates must first create a login ID on the official SAT website.

SAT Exam 2022
SAT Exam 2022

SAT Online Enrollment (Steps)
Visit the College Board website.
1. Set up an account.
2. Send in all the necessary information.
3. Select the exam you want to take and the testing location that is closest to you.
4. Upload a high-quality photo.
5. Pay the application fee.

SAT Mail-In Registration (Steps)

1. The Student Registration Guide for the SAT and SAT Subject Tests, which is accessible at schools, is first required.
2. A registration form and a return envelope are included with the handbook.
3. A demand draft must be enclosed with the form.
SAT’s regional representation office in Istanbul. 

SAT Exam 2022
SAT Exam 2022

SAT Exam 2022 Fees
The SAT has a cost that candidates must pay in order to take the test. Candidates can see the comprehensive list of SAT exam fees charged in Turkey below.
$55 plus the non-U.S. Regional Fee is the cost for the SAT exam alone. Students taking the SAT in Turkey must pay a $49 non-U.S. regional fee, making the total SAT expense of $109.
The SAT exam with Essay costs $60 plus the non-U.S. regional charge. Therefore, the SAT exam with Essay costs a total of $109 ($60 + $49 = $109).

Fees for SAT Cancellations
It costs money to cancel your SAT registration, thus it’s usually recommended for students to choose a date change rather than skipping the test altogether. Candidates should be aware that registration fees cannot be reimbursed after five days before the test date and that they are only eligible for a $10 refund regardless of whether they chose the SAT or the SAT with Essay.

Fees for SAT rescheduling
Candidates who wish to change their SAT Test Center or SAT Test Date must fork up an additional $30 to do so.

How can I acquire a SAT cost waiver?

The SAT Fee Waiver is available to 11th and 12th grade students in the United States and its territories. Additionally, the cost for US citizens living abroad is waived. However, students in grades 9 through 12 may qualify for a cost remission for the SAT Subject Test.

SAT Exam 2022
SAT Exam 2022

SAT Exam 2022 Curriculum
Courses that students have previously taken in school are included in the SAT syllabus. Therefore, you shouldn’t have any trouble studying for the SAT exam Syllabus if you are a strong student in school. The SAT syllabus consists of:

Section on Writing

Three sections comprise the SAT writing.
Essay portion: 25 minutes
parts with many choices: 25 minutes and 10 minutes
Section on Critical Reading

There are three critical reading parts on the SAT.
25 minutes for reading comprehension
25 minutes for finishing a sentence
Critical reading of a paragraph’s length: 20 minutes 


Section on Math

The three Math sections on the SAT.

  • 25 minutes: algebra and functions
  • 20 minutes of geometry statistics
  • 20 minutes: Probability and data analysis

SAT Exam 2022 Pattern 

The three primary sections of the SAT exam are writing, reading with supporting evidence, and math. There is also a 50 minutes essay that is optional. The essay is included in the testing duration, which totals 3 hours and 50 minutes.

Total: 154 Questions + 1 essay

Duration: 3 hours with 50 minutes of extra time for Essay

Total Score: 1600

SAT Exam 2022

SAT Exam 2022 Score
The SAT’s scoring is calculated using a 1600 point scale (from 800 to 1600). Scores for each subject range from 200 to 800, with 200 serving as the lowest and 800 serving as the highest. Your exam results are accessible three weeks after you take the test. Colleges use a variety of criteria to choose students based on their test results.

Countries that recognize the SAT Exam 2022 
Each nation has its own selection standards for foreign students. The SAT Exam is recognized by many institutions throughout the world. In the USA and Canada, college courses are where it is most common. Nevertheless, some Australian and British colleges also accept it. See which nations accept SAT scores.

SAT Preparation

Candidates with high SAT Exam scores frequently have strong reading and vocabulary skills. Additionally, because the test needs handling several sections, they can handle the strain of responding questions in a shorter amount of time. In terms of overall preparation, the SAT is comparable to other examinations in that students have two options: self-study or coaching sessions.

Motivation and self-control are necessary for self-study in order to stick with the practice. You will undoubtedly save a ton of time and money using this strategy. However, taking coaching classes is not a bad idea if you believe you learn best in a classroom setting. Keep in mind that you have the option of studying independently or with the assistance of a professional.

SAT Exam 2022

Istanbul: SAT Testing Facilities
For the benefit of students, the SAT is administered across Turkey in a number of significant cities. It is always advisable for students to reserve a spot at the most convenient and nearby Sat Testing Center. Tens of institutions across turkey provide the SAT exam. View the complete list of SAT exam centers in Turkey here to pick the one that is most convenient for you.