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SAT English orientation​

in this summery we will be taking about the SAT English orientation, but first let start in telling you what We will be talking about.

SAT English orientation
  • what the SAT is about?
  • what te digital SAT is about in specific exam format so that you know what to expect?
  • what is the exam content?
  • how long this specific course will be?
  • and what will the schedule look like. Of course, the schedule can change depending on what section that you register to.
  • What will you achieve from this course?

What is the SAT?

 SAT stands for Scholastic Assessment Test, or Standard Aptitude Test. Now, what does that mean? It tests your ability to express your critical thinking, your ability to express your understanding and comprehension as well as your logic and reasoning.

This test is used by universities and higher education institutions around the world. So it’s an international test and it is offered by College Board, which is an organization or body based in the United States. 

The test is built on multiple choice questions, of course, with a time limit of two hours and 14 minutes. We will look at the details of what this test is made up of. 

What te digital SAT is about?

The digital SAT or SAT has recently come into play, right? So it was issued or it came into effect starting this year. All right, previously SAT papers were done in a classroom and you would have a paper and a pen and you would need to write.

your answers or circle using a marking sheet, but now everything has moved online. Okay, so you would be, it’s a computer-based test using the Bluebook application, which is an app online or a software that you use in order to take the test. Of course, during the time which the test will be given. So let’s look at the format of the exam.


What is the exam content

There were two modules in the English and these modules are equally divided and in both modules, you’ll be tested in reading and writing skills doesn’t mean you would need to actually write something because it is multiple choice.

 the skills that you would be tested in require you to have the information of, or the ability to write, or the ability to read and the ability to write means that you would need to know grammar, means that you would need to know punctuation, you would need to know the rules that govern writing.

As for reading, it is comprehension some your ability to summarize your ability to paraphrase your ability to rationalize different parts connect ideas together as I told you before as 80 measures your aptitude right your ability of critical thinking logic reasoning and so on so forth there are 27 questions in the first and altogether you have 54 questions.

And then you would have a break and you’d have your math after that. So the English, once again, is two modules with 27 questions in each module. And each module takes 32 minutes, right? So in total, you will have to do it for 64 minutes, just the English part.

How long this specific course will be?

So we would start by explaining a concept, we will explain a specific concept in the SAT. It could be related to grammar, for example, pronoun reference.

It could be related to comprehension and reading, such as big picture idea, purpose question, whatever it may be.That process would usually take 20 minutes, depending on whether the concept is big or small, it could also extend further. 

We would also solve exercises in the class, So when we learn something, we need to apply it. We need to practice it. If we don’t apply it and practice it then it is not as effective, And so afterwards, during the class, you would get, after explaining the concepts, you would get questions that you need to solve, and you will share the answers in a private message so that I may evaluate it. 

And at the same time, we will discuss these ideas, So we’ll discuss your answers. We’ll discuss why some of your answers are correct, why some of your answers are wrong.

What will the schedule look like?

but you found that your score is very low because you have a problem with time or you have a problem with a certain concept that you’re not able to grasp. So this course will help you get through that challenge so that you reach to a point where you can score highly for the SAT and you can achieve whatever academic goal you have with regard to the SAT. Perhaps even enter a specific field in the university of your choice that you wanted to do before, but you didn’t have the confidence to do So generally, our lesson would have, or would be divided into these four activities.

What will you achieve from this course?

So by the end of the course, what do you hope to achieve? First of all, you would understand the SAT exam, how to do it, what to expect once you enter the exam hall. You’d also improve your knowledge in the SAT English. And finally, you would improve your ability to solve an SAT paper. So some of you might have already done SAT before.