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SAT course is back in Turkey!


We at Apostrophe Educational Center are glad to announce to all our current and prospective students that the SAT is back in Turkey. The Turkish Higher Education Authority (YÖK) has announced the cancellation of the previously announced centralized university entrance test for foreign nationals, the MYÖS. With your SAT test scores, you can now apply in the top universities in Turkey such as Koç University, Bilkent University and Medipol. Fast track your way to university admission be it Engineering, Medicine or Law. SAT is your passport to academic education in Turkey and around the world. All students intending to take the exam or planning to register for the SAT can now do so without any worries or concerns.

SAT in Turkey
SAT in Turkey

In light of this wonderful opportunity, Apostrophe Educational Center is offering attractive discounts to all students registering for its SAT courses before the end of the year. Our specialized teachers will take you through the SAT English and Math’s modules with ease. Master Algebra, Geometry and reasoning in the mathematics modules. Perfect the English Grammar evidence-based reading comprehension and writing. You might think that you don’t have enough time to prepare for the SAT.


Worry not! Apostrophe Educational Center has customized it’s SAT prep syllabus in order to get the best results in the shortest amount of time. You may be wondering what approach to take in order to up your score. With modern and specialized techniques, your SAT scores will see a drastic improvement. With the SAT being back in Turkey once more, you can maximize your opportunity by taking the SAT course at Apostrophe Educational Center now.

SAT in Turkey

 Register for SAT with us and meet our teachers and academic consultants.

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