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How the Digital SAT Is Scored

sat course_How the Digital SAT Is Scored

Every question is graded by awarding 1 point for each accurate response. For wrong responses or blank replies, no points are deducted. Hard questions and simpler questions both count equally.

Encourage your students to attempt each question because they won’t lose any points if they guess.

All of their SAT scores are displayed in the table.

sat course
sat course sat course

SAT Score Reported


Score Range

Total Score

Sum of the 2 section scores


Section Scores (2) ƒ Reading and Writing

ƒ Reading and Writing
ƒ Math


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sat course sat course

Comparison between Paper and Pencil and Digital SAT Scores

The SAT scores will all be equivalent; for instance, a score of 1050 on the digital SAT is equivalent to a 1050 on the paper and pencil SAT.

A student’s performance on the paper and pencil test is not a perfect indicator of how they would fare on the digital test (and vice versa), as the digital SAT and paper and pencil SAT measure related but distinct subjects. Through a series of experiments carried out in 2022, College Board is statistically relating scores on the digital SAT to scores on the current paper and pencil SAT. Anyone will be able to use both digital and paper and pencil SAT scores without the requirement for further conversions if the digital and paper and pencil SATs are directly linked.

Preparation for the Digital SAT

A wonderful way to prepare for the SAT is to take the PSAT/NMSQT, PSAT 10, and PSAT 8/9. They cover the same subject matter as the SAT and evaluate abilities acquired during many years of study in a variety of courses in addition to reading, writing, and problem-solving outside of the classroom.

The alignment of the exams will be considerably stronger once the entire SAT Suite is administered digitally, with each test having the same format and schedule. Focusing on the digital practice, as described in this section, is advised for students taking the digital SAT. Publications that provide information to students, including the Digital SAT Student Guide in booklet format, are listed in the section under “Obtaining Materials for International Digital Testing” on page 18.

Through their score reports, students are given free online access to specialized resources that assist them in moving forward with their college and career goals.

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sat course sat course
sat course
sat course sat course

Before Test Day Steps

Students download the Bluebook app on their device, set up their exams in advance, and print an admission ticket. On the day of the test, they are instructed to bring their device and entry ticket. They can use the practice materials in Bluebook to get ready in the interim.
Work with IT personnel to install Bluebook before test day if students who attend your school are registered for the test and want to use a school-managed device.

For additional information, go to about.collegeboard.org/bluebook-technology/devices.

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Digital SAT Practice

To give students an idea of the variety of subjects and voices they may encounter on the digital SAT, College Board has produced a selection of sample test questions.The online document Digital SAT Sample Questions and Answer Explanations contains these sample questions.

With the aid of these sample questions, students and their counselors will be better able to comprehend the knowledge and skills that will be evaluated on the digital SAT as well as the types of responses that will be permitted (multiple choice and, for some Math questions, student-produced response).

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sat course

Prior to the global digital administrations in the spring of 2023, students preparing for the SAT Suite exams will have access to all of the following practice tools:

Full-length adaptive digital SAT practice exams that they may take right in the Bluebook app.

A test preview within the Bluebook app.

Students can practice for the official SAT on Khan Academy® with high-quality exercises for knowledge and skill development.

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