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Sales Agent Interview Procedure

Welcome To Apostrophe Educational Center!

About us

Apostrophe Educational Center was established in 2019 in Istanbul, and at first it was exclusively limited to providing English language courses, and since then it came a long way in providing a high-quality educational experience for its students, which led to the addition of more educational services and courses such as preparatory courses for SAT, TOEFL And IELTS exams. Apostrophe Educational Center also provides services like free educational counseling and university admissions services in Turkey and Malaysia. Apostrophe Educational Center is now among the best leading educational institutions in Turkey due to the of education quality provided by the academy as well as the good reputation that it received. With the achievement of successes on the educational and service levels, Apostrophe Educational Center has now opened new branches for the Academy in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia and Baghdad, Iraq.
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– Applicant must be able to speak Arabic fluently, speaking English is a bonus.

– Applicant must be between 25 to 35 years old.

– Applicant must have at least 2 years of experience in sales.

– Applicant must be able to work on our platform Bitrix 24.

– Applicant must have strong communication skills.

– Applicant must have high negotiation skills.

Interview Procedures


Please make sure to read and follow these procedures carefully prior to the interview to ensure that your job interview will be operating smoothly. These procedures are presented to prepare the interviewees in advance, thus providing easier understanding of our services and business model.

Step 1: Get to know our orgnaization

Prior to the interview, make sure to go through our company profile from our course outline, to get information about our center, its vision, and its services. Down below are outlines for our courses, you are required to familiarize yourslef with our educational services that we provide to our students, in order to facilitate your interview.

Step 2: Get to know the specfication of your position

Please make sure to review our calling breakdown steps, which is a key element in contacting our potintial clients. make sure you understand these steps as it will help you in managing your first call

Step 3: Plan your visit to our office

After reviewing all documents needed for the interview, a link will be sent you via WhatsApp where you can reserve your slot for the interview.

What to expect on interview day

On interview day the interviewee will be provided with a laptop and a headset, where will they be contacted by a potential client who is interested in one of our services. Therefore, the interviewee must be prepared to answer the client, and showcase their marketing skills.

After completing the call with the client, the interviewee will be able be to leave the office. The managment will anlayze the call, and in case that the managment gives a positive review, the interviewee will be contacted within 2 days after the interview for further evaluation. However, in the case of receiving a negative review, the interviewee will not be contacted for further evaluation.

Best of luck !!!