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Online Study: SAT

Online Study: SAT

Studying for the SAT is crucial in two ways: first, for admission to top universities, and second, for the possibility of distance learning.

Online Study!

In the age of visuals, the Covid-19 virus, the Internet, and advanced technology, online education has become an essential source of learning. Unlike traditional education, which has been around for decades, a lot of individuals use the Internet to further their education, whether it be through online courses, seminars, university degrees, postgraduate degrees, or SAT preparation.

This allowed you to study for the SAT with us online using the Zoom application.

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What is SAT?

Most colleges and universities utilize this test to determine whether to admit students who want to enroll in undergraduate programs.

Purpose of Test

It serves as a gauge of a high school student’s preparation for college and gives universities a single piece of comparable applicant data. Standardized test scores, high school GPA, grades earned in high school, letters of recommendation from teachers or mentors, extracurricular activities, admissions interviews, and personal essays are all factors considered by college admissions officers.

This indicates that the student will have a lot of possibilities to enroll in the best universities and a high likelihood of getting accepted because of the SAT certificate.

How can I prepare for the exam?

Like other exams should be studied for early, and practice tests should be taken periodically. Having a strong vocabulary is essential for doing well on the SAT. The responses to the earlier questions are a very useful study technique. You may be sure that you will succeed on it. if you thoroughly comprehend each section and create a study plan in line with it.

دورة SAT
How do I prepare for the Math?

When you get to the math section of the SAT, the types of questions you’ll see are divided into two parts. The exam consists of 58 questions, 45 of which will be multiple choice, and 13 of these 45 questions will be classified questions. You will need to answer 20 questions without a calculator and the remaining 38 questions with a calculator. Mathematics Target is a measure of your knowledge of equations, functions, statistics, and problem-solving.

English language test?

SAT exam in English is divided into two parts

The first section: Reading in exam

Sections may be single or combined with informational graphics such as charts or tables. Clips are taken from history/social studies, science, and literature from around the world and in America. You are expected to read the passage carefully and answer the questions correctly in the manner expected or presented in the questions. You can study online by contacting us.

Section Two: Writing in exam

Some sections are accompanied by informative graphics, such as tables, graphs, and charts. This exam’s narrative, informational, expository, and argumentative portions each have one of each category.

You will be required to fix grammar and punctuation mistakes in the provided paragraph in the questions in this part, which fall under the category of basic English convention questions. and thought-based questions where you will be asked to improve language while improving the structure and organization of the idea described in the passage, you can study online By communicating with us

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How long is SAT test?

The test lasts three hours; however, if you want to do the essay portion, an additional 50 minutes will be added, making the total test time three hours and fifty minutes.

Where can you take SAT exam?

You can find centers specialized in providing the SAT exam around the world through this website https://satsuite.collegeboard.org/sat/test-center-search

Where can you study SAT?

You can study it with us at the Apostrophe Center by studying online or attending with us ,the lectures that take place inside the classes.

You can find more information by clicking here

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