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Is Khan Academy the best for SAT? 2022

زيادة درجات السات

Overview on Khan Academy

If you’ve ever done a math web search, especially in the beginning, there’s a good possibility you’ve come across a Khan Academy lectures on YouTube.
If you’ve ever done a math internet search, especially in the beginning, there’s a good possibility you’ve come across a Khan Academy video lesson on YouTube. Sal Khan first established Khan Academy in 2006 to teach one of his relatives mathematics with the use of YouTube videos. He had no idea that his channel would eventually develop into a large international non-profit with millions of students in its audience.

Even today, everyone may still use Khan Academy for nothing, and the number of lessons it offers has only increased. Khan Academy and College Board collaborated to deliver their specialized SAT training in 2016. For individuals who cannot afford the pricey SAT courses or do not want to spend hundreds of dollars on a course, the online course offers a fantastic free option.

How Does Khan Academy Work?

هل أكاديمية خان هي الأفضل لدراسة السات ؟ 2022

The first step is to register for a free account on the website, after which you choose your grade. You can scroll down and select “SAT” under “test prep” when Khan Academy asks you what disciplines you want to learn.

SAT is listed under “my courses.” Each time you click on it, the main dashboard will be displayed. All of the many video lessons, which have been divided into several SAT areas, may be found here. The entire procedure is really easy to understand and clutter-free.

The two main components of the course are SAT Math and SAT Reading and Writing. As you might expect, these two sections each offer a video lecture for a different subject. YouTube videos are used to provide every lesson.

“Full-length SAT Tests” and “SAT Tips and Strategies” are the two additional sections. The former offers a wealth of advice and methods on the various question types and includes both “online” and “paper” SAT practice exams.

What About Khan Academy for SAT Prep?

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Personalized Lessons

This function is typically seen in paid courses, so it’s great to see it used here. If you have already taken the SAT, you will be prompted to submit your results when you first log into your account. Your score will identify your strengths and shortcomings, and the algorithm will utilize that data to provide you video courses that are appropriate for your level of proficiency.

It’s okay if this is the first time you’ve taken the test. Instead, you can complete eight diagnostic tests to establish your ability level. These tests are divided into two sections: a math section and a verbal section.

Following the test, you will be given a score and a skill level for each topic, along with your score. Your ability level will dictate which lessons are recommended to you and how challenging the practice questions are.

High-Quality Video Lessons

This expert is more concerned with the content of the video tutorials than with the production value. The videos produced by Khan Academy, which is renowned for its high-quality content, break down each challenge into a step-by-step explanation. Lessons are spoken by knowledgeable instructors who speak clearly and without awkward pauses. The tutorials’ pace is also something I enjoy; it’s neither too fast nor too slow. On a digital whiteboard, the entire procedure is simple to follow along with.

I’ve always been impressed by how in-depth the lessons are. You will enjoy Khan Academy if you prefer to learn through a variety of different explanations. No stone is left unturned as the lessons thoroughly examine all facets of the issue.

Additionally, because all of the video lessons are available on YouTube, you have the extra advantage of posting your question in the comments section. Since so many people watch these videos, there’s a good chance that someone has already addressed your query in the comments section, where viewers may swiftly assist one another. The videos typically last 10 minutes and cover a certain SAT subject.


Authentic Resources and Exercise Questions

The fact that College Board developed the entire course makes using Khan Academy for SAT preparation an important benefit. Since College Board is the test’s official administrator, all of the course materials are reliable. This also implies that the full-length practice exams and practice questions you will complete are the most reliable and legitimate ones available.

Third-party practice questions have a major flaw in that they don’t accurately reflect the structure and substance of practice exams. You lose points on the actual test because they are either too simple or overly complicated. However, official materials acquaint you with the kinds of questions you will see on exam day. You have a better probability of scoring highly overall and there won’t be any shocks.

Video Lessons Broken Down into Specific Topics

The individual video lessons in Khan Academy’s SAT course are a nice feature because they let you practice for certain tests without having to watch pointless lectures. Suppose you are aware of your areas of weakness and wish to prepare and practice algebra. Selecting particular subtopics is simple, and it saves time.

This type of topic-focused system enables you to fast advance your talents in areas that you consider crucial. Why waste time on information you already possess?

It is Free of Cost

How am I supposed to write this essay without praising Khan Academy’s great accessibility? One of the main benefits of using Khan Academy to prepare for the SAT is that there are no fees involved. The cost of independent SAT prep classes can easily reach the hundreds. It is not surprising that many students around the world lack the financial wherewithal to pay for these courses. By providing all of its services for free, Khan Academy is doing a great service to poor students around the world.

Furthermore, just because the course is free doesn’t mean that its quality has been compromised. As I already stated, the practice problems are of the greatest caliber, and the video courses are thorough and extensive.

Unrealistic Testing Experience

The issue that strikes out the most is that the practice questions are supplied digitally, yet a genuine SAT is always paper-based. Using solely the practice questions from Khan Academy for your preparation may not seem like a major concern, but you won’t be familiar with the actual test. Additionally, as the full-length tests are also given on computers, a student must mimic the testing environment of the real test to prepare effectively.

I would advise you to get additional practice books in addition to Khan Academy as you will be answering all of the questions on a computer. You will experience an actual test-like environment and have a better understanding of your strengths and limitations if you solve the problems on paper.

Limited Test Strategies

I am aware that I already indicated that one of the course portions is entirely devoted to advice and techniques. The solutions offered, however, do not help students achieve a high score because the course was developed with the College Board’s assistance.

You can’t get information from College Board on the specifics of their test. They won’t tell you which subjects the SAT has more questions on or reveal the strategies they employ to make their questions difficult. Instead, their tactics are quite broad and merely address the essentials that won’t benefit you.

Is Khan Academy Enough for SAT Prep?

هل أكاديمية خان هي الأفضل لدراسة السات ؟ 2022

Without a doubt, Khan Academy offers a fantastic free alternative for SAT preparation. The official materials, such the full-length examinations and practice problems, are helpful, and the video courses do a great job of teaching the material. Despite this, I would still advise you to augment your SAT preparation with extra reading material, particularly from a credible publisher like Kaplan, Princeton Review, or Barons. The practice materials are distributed by computer and do not correspond to the real SAT.

Additionally, if you wish to achieve a score higher than the 95th percentile, you will need more practice. Even though they are of a high caliber, Khan Academy practice questions won’t be sufficient for you to ace the SAT. To guarantee a great grade, I would urge you to get more study materials.

Additionally, Khan Academy’s tips and tricks are ineffective, so you would again need to search elsewhere if you were interested in learning useful test-taking approaches.

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