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Welcome to Apostrophe Educational Center, Glad to have you on board!

In this page, you will find details about our entry exams that we conduct at our center. These tests are desinged to help us determine your level in English and Math. 

Course Journey

1. Consultation

In this stage, students will be provided with a free consultation service.

2. Entry Test

Students will have to take an entry exam to determine their level.

3. Free Trial

A student will receive a link to join one our live sessions for FREE.

4. course Enrollment

Our consaltants will contact the student to confirm their enrollment in the course

5. Taking the Exam

Set a suitable date to take the exam

6. Applying for University

After receiving your scores, we will help you apply for university .

6. Done!

We have now completed our journy. All the best in your future studies

entry test


In this test we will determine your level of English, and which course will be suitable for you. The exam is designed mainly to test your knowledge in Grammar and vocabulary. Click down below to start your test!

اختبار تحديد المستوى


In this test we will determine your level in MATH. The exam is designed to test your mathematical knowledge in various topics such as, Algebra, Geometry, Statistics, and various other topics. Click down below to start your test!

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