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sat course _The Digital SAT Educator Guide: An Introduction

The SAT will still be given on paper in 2022. However, fewer students took the SAT than in prior years as a result of the change to test-optional college admissions. In order to overcome this issue and keep up with post-covid norms, SAT will totally switch to digital starting in 2023. The examination has a two-hour time limit and is totally digital.

sat course sat course

The SAT, PSAT/NMSQT®, PSATTM 10, and PSATTM 8/9 examinations in the SAT® Suite of Assessments make it simpler to assist students in navigating a path from high school through college and career. According to studies, the assessments are meant to: Measure students’ preparation and achievement for college and careers; Have a strong connection to classroom learning; and Inspire Effective Practice.
Beginning in March 2023, all foreign test locations will administer the SAT digitally.

You can use this guide to learn more about the new test format and how the digital exam functions within our test regulations and guidelines for the SAT as you prepare your students for taking the digital SAT and assist them as they make decisions regarding their college and career preparation. The digital exam application BluebookTM from College Board includes comprehensive information on what to expect on test day and how to guarantee a positive test experience, as well as full practice exams.

sat course _ Requirements for DIGITAL SAT Testing Equipment
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Making use of the SAT Digital Educator Guide

In addition to providing basic information on the broader SAT Suite of Assessments and College Board resources for students and educators, this guide also provides specific information about the digital SAT given in test centers (SAT Weekend).

The policies and procedures part that you can use as a guide to help students who are taking the digital SAT at a test center (registration, test day requirements, and using test results) comes after the informational portion.

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sat course sat course

The Change to SAT Suite in Digital

The College Board is making adjustments in response to feedback from instructors and students. Many crucial aspects of the SAT Suite will remain the same even though the switch to digital will bring about a number of modifications that are both student- and educator-friendly. The SAT Suite will continue to assess the knowledge and abilities that students are learning in class and that are most important for being prepared for college and the workplace.

We’re not just making a digital version of the present paper and pencil tests for test day and during the test itself; we’re also incorporating a test preview that can assist students become accustomed to important features of the app prior to the test. Students can discover installation instructions and download the app at bluebook.app.collegeboard.org.

Tools for Digital Testing Applications

Students can take advantage of a variety of tests in Bluebook.
Here are a few instances:

 Mark for review: Students can mark and go back to any question they choose to later in a given test module.

Testing timer: A clock displays the amount of time left in each module. When the module’s countdown reaches five minutes left, students can choose to hide it.

Calculator: The entire Math section has a built-in graphing calculator. (Students may also bring a suitable calculator from home.) Reference document Students can obtain a list of typical formulas on the Math page.

Annotation: On the Reading and Writing portion, students are allowed to highlight any phrase and make a remark for themselves.

Option Eliminator: Students can cross off incorrect answer choices if they are aware of them.

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