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Easy SAT Writing 10 Tips to Get a Perfect Score Part 1

كم مدة صلاحية شهادة السات ؟

What do you know about the SAT Writing section?

But first what do you know about SAT Exam?

The SAT is a crucial component of the college admissions process. A high SAT score will still help students get into college, despite the new test-optional policy.Strong exam results can also be used to be accepted into honors programs, receive exceptional opportunities, or earn scholarships. 

One component of the SAT is the SAT Writing & Language section. It accounts for half of the student’s overall SAT score, together with the Reading portion.

Fortunately, students can raise their Writing scores with careful study and practice. A collection of rules known as grammar can be studied and applied. I should know because I scored an 800 on the Writing part of the SAT on my first attempt, therefore I should know!

The SAT is a crucial component of the college admissions process. A high SAT score will still be helpful despite the new test-optional policy. We’ve assisted students in raising their SAT scores by as much as 380 points by using these advice!

Tip 1: Accept the “No change” response.

Consider treating the “No change” multiple-choice answer just like any other alternative. This is one of the simplest methods to increase your score on the SAT Writing exam.

That is so since “no change” and the other responses are identical. They are all on an equal footing. For instance, “no change” is unquestionably the best option in this scenario!

دورة السات

Because they believe they should be fixing the statement, students frequently shy away from selecting “no modification.” But there are four equally viable solutions to the problem, including the “no change” option. The College Board may have understood that it tends to confuse students because it is changing on the new digital SAT, but it is solely a formatting choice that the SAT has made.

Tip 2: Take it slow.

Every section of the SAT has a tough component with pace. The Writing & Language section consists of 44 multiple-choice questions, and students have 35 minutes to respond. The questions on the Writing & Language section are not arranged in order of difficulty.

Regardless of complexity, each question is worth the same number of points. Furthermore, incorrect replies are not penalized. (Your parents may have taken an earlier SAT version where something was different.)

If you spend too much time on a difficult topic, you can run out of time and be unable to respond to multiple simpler questions.

السات في الجامعات

Never spend more than one minute on any one question; this is a solid general rule. Of course, with 44 questions to answer in 35 minutes, you won’t have enough time to answer each one in full, but many of the questions will be shorter and require much less time to think about.

Make your best guess and move on if you find yourself pondering a question for longer than a minute. If you have enough time, you can mark the question to return to at the end of the section.

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 Tip 3: the semicolon ploy

My go-to grammatical trick is really succinct and to the point.

Semicolons are a common topic for grammar questions on the SAT. The semicolon is a type of punctuation that appears as follows: ;

In your own writing, you may rarely use semicolons. However, our theory is that the SAT likes to focus on the semicolon because they’re a great way to check if students understand independent clauses (more on that in the next tip). On the SAT, you’ll see lots of questions like this one:


A fantastic trick can be utilized to determine whether or not a semicolon is being used correctly. Just add a period in place of the semicolon.

Does it operate? Do you have two complete sentences with one main verb and one subject each? The semicolon is being utilized properly, which is fantastic.

Do you still have a sentence that is incomplete? Is there a subject or main verb missing from one of the sentences? Then no, there isn’t a place for a semicolon.

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Tip 4. Recognize dependent and independent clauses.

Grammar-related questions make up half of the SAT Writing section questions, and if we were to choose just one grammar idea to be familiar with, it would be knowing how to distinguish between dependent and independent clauses.

Why? since this idea is at the heart of many of the grammar difficulties. You can memorize a few quick rules for connecting two independent clauses after you know how to determine if a sentence is dependent or independent.

A clause is independent if it can stand alone as a sentence, to put it simply. It will always have a subject and a main verb, with a few very uncommon exceptions.

sat course _ Requirements for DIGITAL SAT Testing Equipment

If a sentence has two separate clauses, they can be linked together by:

an apostrophe (or sometimes a colon)
a pause (just make them two sentences)

Conjunctions for FANBOYS include: for, and, nor, but, or, still, or so.
On the other hand, you shouldn’t utilize any of the items on this list when connecting a dependent phrase or clause to the body of the sentence. Depending on the sentence, you should use just a comma or no punctuation at all.


Tip 5 : Shorter sentences are generally better.

The Writing & Language part has 50 percent questions about grammar and punctuation and 50 percent questions about what the SAT refers to as “Effective Use of Language.”

In other words, even if all of them are grammatically correct, the SAT will ask you to decide which version of a sentence or paragraph is the best one.

Students frequently find these questions difficult since they feel subjective and that all of the sentences are acceptable.

But it’s not as subjective as you may imagine! Knowing what the SAT considers to be “excellent writing” and thinking like a test creator are key to succeeding.

If all of the responses appear to be grammatically correct, one of the major tricks on the Writing & Language portion is to select the shortest response.

This is true because the SAT places a high importance on concision, or explaining something in the fewest possible words.

Repetitive words or phrases should be dropped, and overly complex sentences should be avoided.

Here, picking the shortest response is the quickest route.

Check out this example:

Capture 1

The right response will occasionally be the second-shortest response since the shortest answer occasionally contains an error. Therefore, it is ideal to review your response again after employing this shortcut.

The shortest response will, however, typically be the correct one.

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