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The SAT Exam – 3 Reasons Why

What is the SAT exam?

The SAT (Standard Aptitude Test) is a standardized Math and English test administered by College Board that aims to test your learning capabilities and your ability to join universities worldwide.

The test consists of multiple choice questions that takes no longer than 4 hours to complete.

Why shall I sit for the SAT exam?

“Tick tock, tick tock,” here goes another school day.

High school is nearly over; where did all that time go?

I hear my friends in the corridors discussing SAT Exam dates, and older kids bragging about their SAT Scores. “Which exam centre are you registered in?”, my friend asks.

I am clueless, so I respond with very little confidence, “Um, I haven’t registered yet.”

“You’re running late, mate; did you already secure a spot in university?”, he says with a smirk and a hint of mockery.

“What is all the fuss about?”, I wonder. I head back home that evening and pull out a Google search.

I feel slightly overwhelmed from the number of results that pop up, but lucky for me, I come across the Apostrophe website, which just explained what the SAT exam is, and here I tell you 3 reasons why I shall sit for the SAT exam and why I think that you should too:

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Reason 1: Global recognition.

  • Global recognition

Apparently, after 12 or more years of formal education, you may risk having a high school certificate that is not recognized in the country you seek a university or college degree from.

And surprise, surprise, this is where the SAT exam saves the day; once you sit the test and get the scores you need, you will be able to pursue your higher education anywhere around the globe.

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Reason 2: Smoother University enrolment.

  • Smoother University enrolment

Enrolling into university may be one of the most intimidating process after years in our comfort zone: school. We look through the long list of requirements, stamps, approvals and GPAs and we wonder if there is a way out of the tedious process of certificate equivalency.

The SAT exam provides your way out, since it is a standardized test with global recognition; universities set the SAT score target for each field of study and there you have it!

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Reason 3: Improved English & Math skills.

  • Improved English and Math skills

Apart from the above two reasons, turns out the SAT exam ensures you come out of it with improved English and Math skills as you study for months in advance to prepare for the exam.

I mean, wouldn’t it be great to get that boost of confidence that I am actually ready for university?

This is why I shall sit for the SAT exam very soon, and I suggest that we all enrol in Apostrophe’s upcoming intensive SAT Preparation Course, because who else may short’n our path to success?