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SAT MATH: How to prepare for it? 2022

2022 ماهو السات في الكويت


The third and fourth portions of the SAT test are dedicated to math. You are not permitted to use a calculator during the first 25 minutes of the SAT Math portion. You may use your calculator for the remaining 55 minutes of the SAT Math section.

There will be multiple-choice questions with four possible answers at the start of both SAT Mathematics sections. You will next be requested to submit some student-written comments, sometimes known as “grid-ins.”


With - Calculator
30 multiple choice, 8 grid-ins (including one Extended Thinking question)
55 min
Without - Calculator
15 multiple choice, 5 grid-ins
25 minutes
58 questions
80 minutes


TOPICS Number of Questions DESCRIPTION
19 Questions
Solving equations and systems of equations with accuracy and fluency; In order to represent and solve issues, expressions, equations, and inequalities are created; formula revision and interpretation
Problem Solving and Data Analysis
17 Questions
Using ratios, proportions, percentages, and units to create and analyze relationships; describing relationships that are represented visually; and summarizing qualitative and quantitative data.
Advanced Math
16 Questions
Create, analyze, and solve quadratic and higher-order equations with ease. Rewrite expressions utilizing their structure. Intentionally use polynomials to solve issues.
Additional Topics in Math
6 Questions
Context-based area and volume computations, theorem-based investigations of lines, angles, triangles, and circles, and use of trigonometric functions

SAT MATH Studying Techniques


Algebra, Problem Solving and Data Analysis,  Advanced Mathmatics, and Additional Topics in Mathmatics are the four content areas that make up the SAT Mathmatics Test.
Do not forget that the third and fourth SAT portions are dedicated to math. You are not permitted to use your calculator during the first 25 minutes of the SAT Math portion. You may use your calculator for the remaining 55 minutes of the exam.
Are you prepared to begin your SAT prep?

Here are some pointers for aceing the SAT Math exam:

Practice Tests

Take a sample test with a score report. Take a timer. After that, review the test results and focus on the issues that require more work. You can use this to create a productive study strategy.

Try to Memorize Formulas and Equations

Study all of the material covered on the SAT Math portion, and commit formulas and information to memory. You are more likely to “see” a solution if you are good at memorizing them. For instance, you should keep in mind that “no solution” and “the same slope” are typical responses to inquiries of this nature if you see “parallel lines” on the xy coordinate plane. You can navigate the part precisely and effectively if you can identify solutions immediately.


Learn about the many question categories. Practice is the greatest method to get better at this. Don’t worry if you answer a question incorrectly as you work to raise your score. Examine the description again to see what you missed, and then rework the solution using what you discovered.


Create A Studying Strategy

If you are unable to resolve a problem using the math you are comfortable with, try adopting tactics like choosing numbers or backsolving. Picking numbers converts algebra into arithmetic by substituting numbers that meet the conditions in the question for variables. Backsolving entails re-inserting the answer options into the query to determine which one functions. You can use these techniques to get out of jams and often end up saving time. You’ll gain a few additional points for doing this on test day.

Work On Basic Calculations

A component of the SAT is calculator-free. Learn to confidently do simple math operations without the aid of a calculator, such as multiplying, dividing, and drawing a line graph.

Get Rid Of Careless Mistakes

You need to avoid unnecessary mistakes if you want to perform well on SAT EXAM (or any other standardized test). You are more likely to commit errors when you are timed. Keep timing in mind, but try not to let it stress you out.

Work On Improving Your Timing

You must complete the test in order to obtain a high score. The later half of the exam, when you’re probably going to face more challenging problems, is where you’ll want to have additional time. Make sure you practice under timed situations as you get ready for the SAT Math portions (about a minute to a minute and a half per question). You can do this to increase your efficiency before the test.



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5 SAT MATH tips that might help you for your exam

Your SAT test day is quickly coming, and to improve your score, you should know about our top 5 last-minute SAT math tips and strategies. Do not be afraid; we have you set. Keep in mind that your performance on certain questions connected to The Heart of Algebra, Passport to Advanced Math, and Problem Solving and Data Analysis principles in the SAT Math section will determine your  subscores



Step 1: Read the question, highlighting and summarizing key details as you go.

• What details are provided to me?

• Differentiate the question from the context.

• How do the options available differ?

Should I label the graph or just sketch it?

Step 2: Select the most effective approach to solve the SAT Math problem.

• Search for themes

• Choose numbers or use simple math.

Step 3: Verify your answers to the questions.

• Examine the question stem.

• Verify the measurement units.

• Verify your work again.


Use the Multi-Part Method. 

Step 1: Read the first question in the set and search for hints as you go.

Step 2: Identify and compile the data you require.

Step 3:
Determine how to answer the first question based on what you already know.

Step 4:
Complete the solution, checking the units as you go.

Step 5:
Did I provide the correct information?

Step 6:
Repeat the process for the other inquiries, if possible incorporating the answers from the prior inquiry.



To Help solve the problem, convert the question words into mathematical terms.



equals, is, equivalent to, was, will be, has, costs, adds up to, the same as, as much as
plus, added to, and, sum, combined, increased by
minus, subtracted from, smaller than, less than, fewer, decreased by, difference between
times, of, multiplied by, product of, twice, double, by
divided by, per, out of, each, ratio
a number, how much, how many, what
X, Y, etc...


Improve Your Knowledge in Linear Equations.

On the SAT Test, linear equations are generally asked. Simple linear equations, linear graphs, and word problems incorporating linear equations are all things you may expect seeing. Consider systems of equations after you have mastered the fundamentals.



Make sure the calculator you intend to use on the SAT math part is permitted by visiting the official SAT website. Do your own research and don’t rely on a friend or teacher for guidance; your proctor on exam day will adhere to these rules (no matter how well-intentioned they may be or how much anecdotal experience they may have).

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